TOTTIS Companies

TOTTI'S companies enjoy a dominant position in the Greek market for more than 45 years. Their main activity is:
  • Production and marketing of sweet and savoury snacks (TOTTIS-BINGO S.A. & TOTTIS FOODS INTERNATIONAL S.A.)
  • Production and marketing of cardboard packaging (TOTTIS PACK S.A.).

The ownership of the companies is 100% Greek (belongs to Tottis family) with successful results  for more than 45 years, with branded products, such as Serenata, Amaretti & Koukouroukou wafers, Champion & Serenata croissants and Tottis snacks, that occupy a leading position in the market and in  preference of consumers, through the last decades .

All products are produced exclusively in Greece, in three modern factories (in Florina & Attica) that employee about 600 persons.

They are exported for more than 45 years to more than 30 countries, all over the world such as Germany, USA, China, Romania, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, Canada, Australia, etc. even to the far away Puerto Rico! The Tottis companies have been repeatedly awarded for its export performance.

The main factors for the success of the TOTTIS companies are:
  • High Quality Standards.
  • Products of Excellent Taste.
  • Strong Management
  • Flexibility – Determination.
  • Cost consciousness.
  • Long established Knowledge of the Market and the Consumers.
  • Continuous Research & Development of the Products.
  • Deep Knowledge & Experience of the Production Process.
  • Exports Orientation.
  • Consistency & Continuity.
  • Strong and Established brand names (Amaretti, Serenata, Champion, KKRK, Tottis etc.).
  • Production of Private Label products.
  • Exports Orientation.

The successful development of the TOTTIS companies up to now, gives confidence and optimism for the future, despite the tough socio –economic situation.



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