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Quality Control Department

The quality control laboratory operates as an absolute instrument of quality assurance department and the production department as it has all necessary certified instruments with which paragmatopoiei measurements in all phases and stages of activity which measurements can be divided into three categories phases:

A. Phase of Control

B. Phase of Report

C. Phase of Support

A. The control is done at all stages, from receipt of raw and auxiliary materials to the credential strength of the final product.

B. During debriefing all measurements gathered into editable databases.

C. The result of processing or producing recommendations towards purchasing department Domestic graduation suppliers, either towards production with key observations for improvements and changes to either the department of Research and Development to create new products.

Examples include some of the measurements made in the laboratory:

Raw materials (Paper):

Weight / m2, humidity,
Mullen Test,
Ring Crush Test,
Corrugated Crush Test
Concora medium Test,
Ring Crush Test also Sort Span Compression Test machine direction and Cross Direction

Semi-finished Products:

Weight / m2, humidity,
Flat Crash Test,
Edge Crush Test.

Finished Products:

Box Compression Test

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