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Paperboard production

The COMPANY has made the largest investment in the production of the first phase of our product.
An engine line length of 110 meters and width of 2.5 meters, the internationally recognized firm AGNATI, has the ability to produce that may be required by the market in terms of quality and product type.
Features open concept thickness undulations with the method of  moving heads which means that there is no limitation of production as the thickness of the paperboard .At this  moment we produce E flute, B flute, C flute and combinations thereof EB flute BC flute etc. The maximum sheet size that can be produced is 2.5 meters x 4 meters.
Entire Function and coordination of individual machines made electronically and
from a central point of control basic operator has the ability to intervene in any parameter to ensure the finest results.
The speed of the line is such (up to 300 m / min) as a result of daily production could create a paper corridor that could connect Florina and Thessaloniki.


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